How To Trust The Universe Completely: The Ultimate Guide

Trust the universe

If you are reading this post, then I assume you are tired of trying to control every outcome of your life and decided to trust the universe and surrender to it to see what greater plan the universe has for you.

Good decision. This post is gonna change the way you think about your life and you will have your answers to the questions you might be asking for a long time.

Why is it always me ?

Even if you have reached here accidentally, please read on. This would be an eye opening moment for you too.

Why your plan get messed up all the time

The main reason we decided to let go and trust the universe is, whatever we do with our life, it always gets messed up. In the later part of this post we will discuss how to trust the universe, when to trust the universe and most importantly how to turn the table to our advantage and not mess up again.

Mess up all the time

Before going to all those, we need to clearly understand why we mess up again and again. Is it always our fault? How to know which decision to take. Most importantly, if I get to make a decision, which one should I take, how do I know this is the one decision the universe wants me to take And how do I trust the universe. Let’s explore this before we go to any other.

When we examine any situation or event in your life, for example: your car got into an accident, your business failure, relationship failure, whatever it is, at any point of time your reality is created by the tug of war between

  • Your conventional plan
  • Your beliefs
  • The plan of the universe
  • Your conscious brew plan

Let’s explore each of them to understand the situation better.

Your conventional plan

My plan

This is part of you who wants to control every outcome of your life. Just examining one day of your life we have a lot of examples for it. For example

  • You want your kids to behave like how you want them to be
  • You want your kids to be toppers in academics
  • You want your partner to be like ………
  • You want your job to pay you ……….
  • You want a promotion on…….. and pay you …………
  • You want a job in ………… pays you …………
  • You want your business to perform ………….. this year.

You might be thinking, these all are good things only. It promotes growth in my business and life and helps teach my kids discipline. You are right. Tell me how it is working for you so far.

I am not against discipline or growth. In fact we must try new things in life and grow every day and become the best version of yourself at any point of time. But what we have seen above is not promoting our growth. It’s limiting our growth to the finite mind of ourselves.

We are trying to control every outcome of each action we are taking. Though humans have a very complex and well developed brain, we are not the center of the universe. Our brain and thoughts have limitations and there are greater powers and thoughts far greater than what we have. That’s the simplest reason I can tell you why we mess up all the time.

So trying to control everything with the finite mind of ours is one reason for the failures we are having. That’s also the reason why we don’t trust the universe.

What could be the other reasons

Your belief

In the world of law of attraction it is believed that your belief creates your reality. I believe it too. It doesn’t matter whatever you do, the reality you are facing in every life event is based on what you believe about that.

The most common example of this is financial journey. We might want to create wealth and we do all those things which can make money. But whatever we do, we end up in scarcity, more and more bills pile up. The root cause for messing up here might be our belief

Inside of you, you might be believing money is evil, I don’t deserve money, you have to work hard to make money, money is very difficult to create. All those beliefs are acting against your wish of creating money and you know what the result is. You find it difficult to create money and even though you create some, that money will leave you very fast with some unexpected expenses. And you mess up again.

This is true about everything happening to your life. Now let’s go to the other reason.

The plan of the universe

Humans are very divine creatures. They are creators of their own reality. But In order for them to create, they have to become the best version of themselves. Even without being the best version of themselves, they can create their reality.

Plan of universe

But those realities may not be in alignment with the greater good of the cosmos. So only when you are consciously creating your reality or you being the best version of yourself, your creation is in alignment with the universe’s greater plan.

But as we discussed before, your creation of reality is based on a tug of war between your plan, your belief, plan of the universe and your conscious creation. 

Universe has a plan for you. The plan is to make you enlighten the reality of the universe and channel you towards the greater good of everyone through your creation. But most of the time when you are in a messed up situation, your universe’s plan and its guidance has less effect on you, because your belief and other factors are in strength.

But the universe wants you to come back and be in alignment with the universal energy of creation. So they try to wake you from sleep often. Sometimes they take some effort and create a new reality that can mess up your plan too. I see it as a wake up call or universe trying not to lose you forever. But most of the time we can’t make out the message and we are lost again.

The final word, the universe has a plan for you and sometimes it can mess up your plan.

Your conscious brew plan

Conscious brew is the word I created. It means consciously brewing your life. If you have decided to take control of your life and not just react to every situation, you are in your conscious brew plan. Here we evaluate everything about our life like our beliefs, actions which lead to the outcome of our reality.

Once we take control of our life, not the outcome, we can channel our energy towards a goal, like living our life to the fullest ability, or being happy all the time. Here we try to remove all the negative beliefs that interfere with our plan. This is conscious living until we are sure our default belief and reality is what we want with our life.

Conscious brew

In the conscious brew plan, you have the advantage over all other factors we have discussed before. So this plan can also interfere with your reality.

The tug of war

Everyday there are millions of events happening in your life. Some will be big events while others are usual kinds of things. But it is happening. What if I tell you all those things happening in your life is created by you. Every event and every outcome of it is created by you, either consciously or unconsciously. Only a very few are wake up calls from the universe, but that also is created by you, just not this time frame.

It’s like the alarm you put today to wake you up or remind you of something some time in the future and that future is today. I am not going deep into this topic, it’s beyond the scope of this post.

So every event in my life is the tug of war between all the energy we discussed before. For example, your planning will be interfering with the plan of the universe. Those two will be interfering with what you truly believe inside. Sometimes you have decided to consciously create your reality and those decisions are interfering with all others.

Tug of war

So at any point of time, it’s a tug of war, and the outcome you are getting is based on who wins the war.

Ok now we understood that we are again messed up. But the good news is, now we know what is messing up. Once we know the problem, there is always a solution.

In this post we will discuss how to solve this problem and move towards the plan universe has for you for the  greater good.

How to know if a plan is for greater good and trust the universe

If a plan is for greater good, then most probably it will be the plan of the universe. So trust the universe on this for now until proved otherwise. In the later part, we will discuss about how to know if this plan is universes plan

To know if a plan is for greater good, all you have to do is observe the plan. Evaluate it. What could be the result of it? Don’t try to control the outcome. Just evaluate it.

Now apply the five year rule. After 5 years do you think this plan is still applicable to you? Does this bring you good results after 5 years? What about after 10 years.

In unbiased evaluation, if you think this plan or action will bring you good and uplift you in your life in 5 years or 10 years, then most probably it is a plan with greater good.

I am linking a video below by Andrew kirby which explains the effect of time on our actions which I felt very interesting and eye opening. Watch it, I highly recommend.

What is trusting the universe really means

We humans are very complex beings with higher levels of thoughts and controls. It doesn’t mean we can control everything. In fact the more we try to control anything, the more we lose control of the same.

So trusting the universe means to understand the truth that there is more into this universe than you and your thoughts and accepting that the universe has a better plan for you which you cannot know until you surrender to the cause of the universe.

The cause of the universe could be to exist to its fullest potential. So for it to exist to its fullest potential, everything within the universe should do the same. That includes you and me. 

That being said, it’s time to get rid of our egos and surrender to the universe, which has the answer for everything. If you need the answer, there is no other way, trust the universe and let go.

Still can’t get rid of your ego. Ok, show me where are you in this map

Trust the universe

Perhaps in this map

Trust the earth energy

So, accept it, it is not about You or me. We are just one species, and there have been so many before us, some of which don’t exist anymore.

The point being, we are just one another creation and the universe has given us the gift of creation as well. Our duty is to create a happy and fulfilling life we want to live every second of the day which is in alignment with the greater good of the universe. 

Why do you need to trust the universe

In the previous post I have discussed the universal energy which is connecting everything in this universe. This energy is the key to the universe, every knowledge, every material and everything in this universe. We are tapping into this energy knowingly or unknowingly every day in our life.

If we can tap into this energy, attract this energy to our life, that’s the key to living a happy and fulfilled life filled with everything we wished in our life. Every wish of ours will come to life because in the eyes of the ultimate universe, everything is just energy and there is no weight on any kind of energy. So if you can harness this energy into your life, you can have anything in this universe irrespective of how everyone thinks about it.

To attract that kind of success, all you have to do is trust the universe and let go. This has been the basis of the law of attraction. So trusting the universe can bring anything into your life including love, happiness, money, luck, bliss, fun and joy.

I think that’s a pretty good reason to trust the universe.

Till now we have been talking about the concept. Now let’s discuss the real and practical question.

 How can you trust the universe ?

How to fully trust the universe and let go

I am glad that you have decided to trust the universe and go with the greater plan. I am sure trusting the universe is gonna open doors for you which you have never thought possible. This is gonna be a great journey. Are you ready ?

Do you know how trust works? Let me explain. If you have a statement of hypothesis. For example, the law of attraction really works. Now we add some stories, situations, proofs, emotions and research studies into it. If the things we add to it are positive and reinforcing, that results in more and more trust and if the things adding into it is negative and works against your statement, that results in more and more of not believing it. The end result is based on who wins in the tug of war.

I hope now you understand why they say, surround yourself with successful people.

So to make yourself believe in anything, be at the right place, with the right community all the time. They will reinforce you and help you to be successful.

Understand that controlling every outcome wont work

By this point you might have understood that controlling your outcome will do no good for you in the long run. In fact it will do the opposite. So the first thing to do towards the greater good is to detach from the outcome of any action you are taking. Make it a habit of thinking that whatever is good for me is going to come to me. For any action you take, this should be the thought you must have about the outcome.

Finding out the root cause

If there is a problem, there is always gonna be a cause for it and if there is a problem, there will be a solution also. Just because you can’t come up with the cause and solution for your problem doesn’t mean it is not there. 

So how can we find the cause for our problem?

To find the deep cause for your problem you need to be willing to accept the truth. you can’t blame anyone for what’s happening in your life because of the truth you are responsible for all of them.

At this point it will be difficult for you to understand this. But at least believe this, If you don’t take responsibility for things happening in your life, you are not even in the game. So take responsibility for not only the actions you take in your life, but also all the things happening in your life.

Sometimes you have to let go of your logic and take action.

If you have decided on changing your life and taking full responsibility, then it’s time to evaluate why bad things happen in your life. I have said it once, at any point of time your reality is created by the tug of war between

  • Your conventional plan
  • Your beliefs
  • The plan of the universe
  • Your conscious brew plan

What you need to remember is, at any point of time you are creating your own reality. So if you are not consciously creating, not voluntarily involved in the creation, then most probably you are unconsciously creating your reality. Which means your reality at any point of time is based on your subconscious belief about the same.

If you believe you can’t trust your friend or partner, then that’s what your reality is. If you believe you are a lucky man, then luck will come to you in magical ways to strengthen your belief you are a lucky man. That’s how it works.

Troubleshooting your reality


Now we know the template on how to find the root cause of all our problems. Let’s troubleshoot our reality and find exactly what’s causing the problems in our life so it will be easy for us to trust the universe and regain our strength.

Now take some time to evaluate your life. Why do you think you can’t trust the universe? Come up with all the issues or events in your life which made you feel that you can’t trust the universe and write it down one by one.

Your next step is to prioritise all the things in your life. From one to ten, how much weight each problem has, ten being the strongest reason for not trusting the universe and one being the least.

Now let’s tackle the big guy. Take the strongest one and examine yourself. For this example I take financial problems as an example. So the problem here is

I don’t trust the universe because the law of attraction says it is easy to attract money and wealth, all you have to do is ask the universe for it, but I tried and every time I try, I fail and new bills come in my way which is exactly opposite of what I want.

As we said before, if you are not creating your reality consciously, then you are creating unconsciously . If you are creating unconsciously, it is your belief that determines what your reality is. So in here we have two actions which we have control of

  • what you do to create consciously
  • What beliefs you have which work against your financial freedom

To change what you have in your reality and trust the universe, you need to start consciously creating your reality. Are you doing it now? If not, do it. That’s the way you can strengthen your relationship with the universe. About the belief…

Searching for negative belief

Your subconscious mind has a lot of belief in it. Some are positive while some are negative. All your negative beliefs are gonna hurt you. They will flow energy against your positive belief. 

Negative belief

For example, I f your belief about money is, business is an easy way to create money which is positive and you started a business. But subconsciously you also believe, money is hard to come by, money is the cause of all problems in my family, society and the world, only rich people make money. All these beliefs can flow energy against your positive belief, and you know what could be next. A constant tug of war and your reality is the result of who wins the tug of war.

So apart from taking actions to consciously create your reality, it is important to evaluate all the beliefs you have on the same. In fact changing your belief is gonna have the maximum effect on your law of attraction journey.

To identify the belief you have which works against your dream, the key here is to observe and pay attention

Observe and pay attention

Let’s make this section more useful. This is a seven day task. You have your core problems which work against your dream and which make you not trust the universe. Take that one problem. From today to your past seven days, observe all the situations and events you remember about the problem and play that in your mind. Observe the things you spoke, your feelings and everything you could remember which you think could have worked against your dream.

In those patterns lies your belief. So examine everything.

It could be like

  • money is hard to make
  • Money will leave as soon as it comes to your life
  • Money made him do that crime
  • Money is not a good thing
  • Even though I work very hard, I couldn’t make money
  • I always get unexpected expenses

There could be more. All of them are a root negative belief which can work against your dream.

Now the next task is to pay attention for next one week. when a situation arrives, what you are talking about and what your feelings are. That could also give you an idea about your negative belief which you are having that can work against trusting the universe.

Release what is no longer serving you to provide room for new things

We know that the negative belief you are having is not serving you, in fact it’s acting against you. So what you need to do is to release those negative beliefs, remove them and fill it with positive and uplifting beliefs.

When you can successfully do that, your reality will start changing and you will start believing in the universe

This might help you to remove your negative belief

Now we have made a great step to stop flowing energy against trusting the universe and attracting our desired life. Now it’s time to do some good actions which can push through the walls and get us where we want to be.  Those are

Journaling to trust the universe

Journaling to trust the universe

Journaling is a great way to improve your mood, reflect on your day and to find out if anything is hurting your plan.

You know the key to trusting is reinforcing your hypothesis or statement with positive stories, events and beliefs. Journaling is a great way for that

Journaling can help you to reflect your day and actions and how you reacted to them. It helps you to find out your beliefs, what is helping you and what is not and make sure your days are not wasted, that you are evolving everyday step by step. It is a great way to make yourself accountable with your life

Apart from that, writing a journal can help you release all the negative feelings and helps you feel good. If you are into the law of attraction, you know how important it is. So if you are not journaling, don’t wait for a perfect moment. Do it now, just take a paper and pen and write something about yourself or today. You can improve your writing and writing techniques on the way, not when you are starting out. So start now.

Showing gratitude To trust the universe

Gratitude to trust the universe

Showing gratitude is another great way to trust the universe. It’s simple, you have asked for a gift from anyone you know. They have given you the same thing you asked for or even better. Now tell me what they would feel if you ask them another gift without even telling them a simple thanks. That’s exactly what’s happening.

There is a small difference when coming to the universe. When the universe gives you what you have asked for, and you didn’t show gratitude, how does the universe know that’s what you want? There are no emotions, feelings or any energy in it. In fact all those struggles you are having, you channel a strong emotion and feeling for them. That means you feel them more than those that you asked for it. So the universe started providing you what made you feel and what energy you are channeling to the universe. Unfortunately, in most people’s case, it’s not what they actually wanted.

The antidote, feel for what you want. The best way is to show gratitude for all the things you have and all the things you wanted which the universe has already provided and to all the signs the universe has given you which can lead you to what you wanted. It is a powerful technique. Use it well.

The more you show gratitude, the more the universe provides you, which can lead to you trusting the universe more.

Connecting with the universe and your unseen friends

Connecting with the universe

Only if you think about someone, you can feel them. It’s the same case for the universe. Only if you think about the universe, then only you can feel them, then only you can know them at a deeper level, then only you can trust them. So how to know about a person, you just talk to them and ask what you want to know. I suggest you do the same with the universe.

I would suggest you do meditation for this. That can have a good impact on your relationship with the universe or higher self. I always talk to my higher self during my meditation. It’s simple, you visualise they are there with you in the place you are most comfortable and you talk to them. Sometimes you feel you are making up everything. It’s ok, fake it until you make it. That’s how I did it and it worked for me.

So in your meditation, you just connect with the universe, like you being part of the universe, which opens a channel between you and the universe, through which the universe starts to guide you.

Just stop thinking, meditate for a week and then talk, I am sure you will have all the proof to reinforce and believe this statement of mine.

Increase self awareness

Self awareness

Self awareness simply means knowing yourself. Increasing self awareness is important because you don’t want to go back to the old times and react to everything that comes in your life. What you need is to consciously create everything you need in your life. For that self awareness is important. 

To increase your self awareness, the journal you have started will help you to a great extent. Apart from that, always be aware of what you are thinking, talking, feeling and doing. You want to make sure everything is in alignment with what you want in your life. Self awareness will unfold everything about you, and by taking positive actions on what unfolds, you will never doubt your universe again.

Listen to your intuition


Do you know what intuition is, it is some inner knowledge which gets surfacing in your mind. It’s like your mind is trying to talk to you about something. It sometimes is a strong feeling. What I believe is this intuition is the messages you get from someone who wants to guide you to have a better future. That someone who sends you the messages could be anyone you believe in, your guardian angel, your spirit, the ultimate universe, higher self, future self. It could be anyone.

The point here is to listen to those messages and act upon them. Those messages are here to help you. So follow them. The more you follow, the more messages you will get. Because they will send you messages only if you are getting those, picking up and doing something about it. The key here is to always observe and pay attention.

Apart from that you can ask your unseen friends, with whom you are working, to send you more messages which you can easily understand. So follow your intuition, that can also open a wide door for you to trust the universe and unlock a greater future of possibilities.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If this post has given you any value to your life, please let me know how it did in the comment section below

Many blessings

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