Spiritual chills : understand the hidden meaning behind them

Spiritual chills

I am sure that at least once in your life you must have experienced chills or goosebumps. While it could be due to human physiology, like having fever, getting cold and all, on the other hand there are spiritual reasons for getting chills. In fact getting spiritual chills is one of the earliest and easiest signs one can get in their early spiritual journey.

In this post let’s explore what are spiritual chills, spiritual goosebumps or psychic chills and the hidden meaning behind them and how you can develop spiritual chill as a communication with your unseen friends like your guardian angel.

What are spiritual chills and goosebumps

“ spiritual chills are those chills which develop without any disease or cold. It is a direct sign from your unseen friends like a guardian angel or spirit guide. It is how they communicate with you to help you choose the right path or to answer your query.”

Spiritual goosebumps

In human physiology you get chills when you are cold ( to increase body temperature ) or during an illness like fever. But if there is no physiological reason and you get chills, it is a common sign of spiritual activity.

Psychic chills feel more like an energy surge into your body, a tingling sensation, a shudder or sometimes a goosebumps. 

How to understand spiritual chills

Now we know that spiritual chills are a way how our angels, guardians or higher self try to communicate with us. But It doesn’t always have to be that. Let me explain.

First of all, spiritual chills are caused due to the high surge of energy into our body. Our body reacts to this high energy in terms of chills or goosebumps. In my other post on channeling energy through our body, chills are one of the signs we have that we are channeling energy.

So spiritual chills are due to high energy passing through our body. So coming to the angels, when our unseen friends communicate with us, they can’t always do it in our physical plane, so they do it in the energy plane. So when they do, they alter our energy body, which we can feel as chills or Spiritual goosebumps. 

On the other hand, any energy field that interferes with our energy field can cause some effect on our body, it may be small or big as notable as chills and goosebumps. Some may just interfere with our mood. We all have felt that. Some places have toxic energy, being there you can see your worst self. 

So any external energy outside can interfere with our body energy field and have some effect on our body, mind and soul. It doesn’t always have to be our angels or other unseen friends.

You might have experienced spiritual chills when praying. During a combined prayer and in trans, most of us will be feeling chills, some music will also make us feel chill and goosebumps. It’s the energy contained in those spaces and time that causes it.

So in order to understand the reason for the spiritual chills all you have to do is pay attention. Observe the situation when you are getting chills. Just by observing the situation you can make out whether it’s your unseen friends or the external energy that is causing the chills.

The good news is, whatever the reason, you are sensing the energy and without being in it, you know whether it’s good for you or not. Now you can decide what to do. Other than reacting to every energy and ruining your day, You will have the freedom to be highly energetic and be in a good positive mood all day. We will discuss later how you can develop this gift of sensing energy.

Spiritual meaning of getting chills

There is no single answer for all questions. So the meaning for your spiritual chills will be different for others. Only you can know what it means. The key to understanding is to pay attention. Let’s discuss some scenarios here.

Every place ( space ) has its own energy. Some have more inspirational while others have toxic energy. For example, temples, churches and other common prayer halls usually have an uplifting energy while some places are haunted and you can feel those very clearly. 

Activity: From today onwards just observe and find out what energy lies in each area of your home, office and any other places you visit. The key is to observe your mood, emotions and physical energy. Is it uplifting or depressive or neutral? Just observe for one week. You will know how your body and mind reacts to the environment.

If you successfully do that, it can open your door to sensing special energy. When you visit a place next time, you will know what energy that has and you will know should you choose to stay there or run from there. So do the exercise seriously.

Messages from unseen friends: angels, guides

The other reason for spiritual chills might be your unseen friends trying to help you. As we discussed before, they will be trying to communicate with you In your energy plane. that is Sometimes manifested as psychic chills and spiritual goosebumps. The key is to understand what they are trying to communicate. To understand that, you know what to do, Just pay attention. 

Guardian angel

Most of the time, if you want your unseen friends to guide you, you need to ask for it. They don’t interfere in your matter until you ask for it. But sometimes if you go off track, they will give you signs to come back and live your life you were born to live. But those are only signs to come back and start your spiritual journey, not a specific answer to a question. Those are reminders. 

So the meaning for the spiritual chills when you are not on a spiritual journey could be a reminder for you to come back to reality, start your spiritual journey and live the life you were born to live.

But if you are in your spiritual journey and you asked guidance from your unseen friends, then the meaning of the spiritual chills can only be decrypted by you. It is purely for you. It is an answer to your question or guidance to face a situation. You will know the answer when you feel the energy. It would be that clear.

Psychic chills as a warning

The guidance from your unseen friends could be a warning for you to not to do it, not to go there or some form of warning against what you are planning to do. Since your unseen friends are from other realms than this physical plane, they can know the outcome of each of your actions. So if some action you are gonna take has a negative impact on you, they may warn you though spiritual chills or other forms of energy communication.

Spiritual chills as a confirmation

If you have a question in mind or situation and need guidance on should you proceed to that, like should I choose this job or not, they can help you to decide, and when it’s a yes, they can make you feel it through their energy. A strong positive uplifting feeling about the job could be a sign or a spiritual chills. Whatever the methods they chose, they make sure  you understand it if you are aligned to your unseen friends.

Spiritual chills during meditation

During meditation you are completely relaxed and your senses are very active. It is when you can feel the spiritual chills easily and effectively. In your meditation your energy body is highly active and picks up other energies easily which are trying to communicate. So meditation is where you get most of your guidance not only from your unseen friends, but also from the ultimate intelligence of the universe.

meditation energy

If you have a question in mind, meditate on it, ask for guidance from your unseen friends. Everyone will be ready to help you and guide you on the right path.

After you do that, then pay attention. We don’t know when the answer will be presented. It could be in the meditation itself, or it could be during a conversation with a friend or during a thought or could be in a special place where you get your spiritual chills and that place is the key to the answer. It could be in any way.  If you observe, the answer will be clear.

Spiritual chills while dreaming or sleeping.

As we discussed before, there is no one answer for why you get spiritual chills while you are dreaming or sleeping. Being said that, it is only you can understand the meaning of those chills. 

sleep energy

When you are getting chills, what you were doing. Are you dreaming ?

Most of the time when you sleep, you won’t feel the chills. But if your unseen friends are trying to communicate with you, it could be as a dream. And the good part about this dream is, if you put some effort you can recall this dream and try to evaluate it and find the hidden messages in them.

If you are getting chills or goosebumps while daydreaming, the question is, what were you dreaming about. Does the dream have anything to do with you. Is it related to any question you have in your mind which you have already communicated with your unseen friends. Pay attention to everything happening in your life.

I am sure you can find out the hidden message in them if it’s your unseen friends trying to contact you. After all, they are your unseen friends and they know you better than anyone else and it’s their motive that you understand the message clearly. So they will only give messages in a way you can understand. So don’t stress too much about it. Just observe the moments already happened and pay attention to new messages. Everything else will fall in place. Trust your higher self.

Spiritual chills when thinking of someone

When you get spiritual chills when thinking about someone, the key here is to observe who they are to your life and what feelings you had when you thought about them. This can give you a clear answer for why the spiritual chills happened.

Spiritual thinking

If the person is your love of life and the feelings were you missing her/him, then the message could be the other person missing you as well and you know what to do. Just call or text and if you can’t do both, in any situation, communicate with them with your thoughts.

On the other hand if you get a very bad feeling thinking about someone, a toxic energy which makes you feel uncomfortable, it is a clear message to stay away from that person, he or she can bring only harm to you at this time and place.

Observe the energy, that’s the key

Taking positive action for your spiritual messages is important. It is a proof that you are getting those messages and it will lead to more and more clear messages in the future

Getting chills when someone touches you

before going to the spiritual stuff, make sure the person who is touching is not ice cold. If their hands are cold, they can suck in the temperature of your body, which can make you feel chills in those areas.

To find out the spiritual meaning, you know the steps. Observe what has happened and pay attention to what’s happening.

First of all, it all depends on who is touching you. If the person who touches you has a high energy in their body, this can be transmitted to your body energy which makes you feel tingling or sometimes chills. It is more common during an energy healing section when the practitioner channels energy to the recipient.

I have watched a video long back, I don’t remember most of them. So don’t take this as a proof, just a story. It was a documentary by a reputed channel on energy healing in China or Japan, not sure. During the healing section, when the video presenter accidentally touches the energy healing practitioner, she had a reflex like she had an electric shock. 

Don’t believe it. But just be open minded and our point here is you can get chills when the person touching you has a higher energy state than you.

The other reason could be based on who is touching you and how they are related to you and what question you have in your life could be related to that person. If it’s an angelic message, the answer to the above question can give you clarity.

Kundalini spiritual chills

kundalini in Hinduism refers to a form of divine feminine energy. It is located in the base of the spine by the root chakra. This is referred to as force or power associated with feminine, wise, creative and infinite. This is referred to as a snake that is coiled around and sleeping. And it lies dormant in the base of our spine until awoken. 


A kundalini experience is the awakening of that snake, which is experienced as an electric current passing through our spine. It can be felt as spiritual chills. It is said that the awakening happens during deep meditation, kundalini yoga practices, asana, chanting mantras and pranayama breathing. 

The awakening of kundalini is experienced as spiritual awakening and feels enlighten and bliss.

So kundalini experience could be one reason why you are getting spiritual chills. It is not that common though. If you are in your spiritual journey and practising to awake the kundalini, the chance of kundalini spiritual chills cannot be neglected. And again, every spiritual journey is unique and only you know the reason for anything that happens in your journey.

How to wake up your spiritual chills gift

Spiritual awakening

Spiritual chills are one of the easiest forms of sensing energy. If you want to wake up your psychic chills gift, you need to focus on two things

  1. Sensing the energy around you and understand what kind of energy it is
  2. Communication with your unseen friends.

Sensing the energy

As always, the key is to observe and pay attention. Follow this activity for one week and you will have profound improvement in sensing the energy around you.

Everything has Its own energy. Try to observe the energy of everything in your life until this moment, every situation, every place and every object you are familiar with, like your wallet, your bedroom, your last conversation with your partner or parent. You can use your hand, your whole body or your emotions to sense the energy. For now, classify the energy into three categories, positive, negative and neutral. Initially it is going to be difficult. In those difficult times, your emotions can help you classify them. Our goal is to classify energy with our hands.

Once you are successfully classified by observing the moments already happened. Now pay attention to everything happening in your life, every moment, every place and time, every person. Just pay attention and practice, you will be able to understand the energy of everything.

A word of warning, you may not be able to do it at the first time, but repeated practice can surely bring some change.

Communication with unseen friends

For this purpose, we use meditation. In your meditation, talk to your unseen friends. It could be anyone, your angel, spirit, higher self. Whoever you wish to connect with. Meditate to connect with them.

In your meditation, visualise you talking to them and they reply to every question you ask. You may feel like you’re making it up. It’s ok. Fake it until you make it.

This is one of my favourite techniques. Maybe you can use it if you like. My favourite unseen friend is my higher self who knows everything about me. In my meditation I call them and talk about everything. My dreams, my experiences, sometimes my frustrations. I ask their help in everything. They heal me, motivate me, they keep me on track towards my goal.

So on any given day, I talk to them about my goals, my wishes and everything and ask them to help me achieve my goal. During the day, after meditation I imagine they are always with me, like when I drive, he is on the other seat, when I walk, he walks with me. He is with me every time.

Believing he is with me helped me to connect with my higher self to a deeper level. Now I know for sure, when I need him, he is just with me ready to guide me and help me achieve my goals. I had a lot of experiences with my higher self. I will write about them in the future post.

For this part, I would recommend you to connect with your unseen friend to a deeper level. Once you do, you can just ask him to show signs of what you must do in every situation of your life or specific to one question. If you prefer the spiritual chills, just tell him or her. He always knows the right method to connect with you. In my case, he communicates with my thoughts and through practice and through a deeper connection with him, I can take up the message very easily.

So that’s all for this post. If you had any spiritual chills, let me know in the comments below.

Many blessings

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  1. I have had spiritual chill for a while and recently I’ve released my fears and have been experiencing chills multiple times a day now and this is the site I was lead to so I could understand. Thank you this was very informative.

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