How to surrender to the universe and let go of control

How to surrender to the universe
How to surrender to the universe

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with life ?

We do everything we can to make our life better, to make it stress free and enjoy our life. But we always felt it as a never ending battle. Whatever we do to become successful, it always backfires and brings us into new trouble and We had to work on that new problem and this continues. Have you felt it before?

Life for me, some time ago was exactly like a rat race. I just run and run. Of course I made some progress, but life was always stressful and I couldn’t enjoy the little things in my life which really matters. I was just moving from project to project.

At one point I understood I was not living. I was just reacting to all the situations in my life and solving problems when it appears and the problem never stopped coming. I know what you are thinking, it is how we grow, by solving problems. But I was not growing. How I understood this was, even though I had many successes in my life, I was not truly happy. The happiness stayed only a few moments. I couldn’t actually enjoy the things I achieved in my life. That’s when I knew I was doing something wrong. That’s what made me think and reconsider what i was doing and what result that actions returned.

I will share below some of the lessons I learned during this self discovery. If you had the same problem i was having, read this completely and apply them into your life. I am sure it will help you to discover your life, and find the real meaning of it.

How fear controlled my life

How to surrender to the universe

I thought I was in control of my life, but I was wrong. It was my fear which controlled everything. It even controlled ‘my control over my life’.

When we fear of a possible outcome, we do everything to make sure that fear does not happen in real life. This can leads to a lot of other problems far greater than the original problem itself. For example, if you fear that your kid might use drugs, what will you do?

You start controlling your kid, his actions and your concern towards him will make him uncomfortable and he might feel lack of freedom and trust issues can appear. This in turn can lead to other levels of problems and so on.

See This fear alone has created a lot of new problems. One fear is the reason for all the problems between the parent and child.

My life was a huge collection of these fears. If I fear an outcome, I try to change them by controlling everything related to my fear. I thought I was doing the right thing. But it only lead to more and more problems. First I blamed everyone for this mistake, because I thought I was doing the right thing. 

It took some time for me to understand that the primary problem was my fear and all those people were just reacting to the actions I took to control them.

It was then I understood that controlling anyone or anything other than you is the major mistake I made which backfired and leads to all the problems in my life.

That’s when I started to search “ How to surrender to the universe “

I wanted to learn to surrender my egos, stop controlling people and get myself free from the outcome and enjoy my life.

What does surrender to the universe really means

First of all, it doesn’t means you live like a hippie, It doesn’t means you being irresponsible to everything and tell universe will take care of everything. It’s not what I meant by surrender to the universe.

“Surrender to the universe means you do everything you need to do in your life by not controlling anyone or anything other than your body and mind and detach yourself from the outcome with the intention ‘whatever best for me will always happen to me this time and every time.’ ”

Controlling your life: What it can do ?

How to surrender to the universe

It is actually logical to believe in controlling your life and every outcome of it. Because we will chose only good outcome for every problems we might have. But that’s not what happens most of the time.

Like I mentioned before, it is our fear which make us to control our life and we now know what it can leads to, Another problem

Apart from that, Control is attached to the outcome we believe is good for us. But do you really think you know  what is good for you? 

What you should control and what not

This is the part most people are confused about. If you don’t control anything, you don’t have any hold on your life, no responsibilities and you might be living like a hippie. You don’t have any goals, That’s not what we want. That mindset will make us lazy and we will have no growth in our life and we will blame everything in the universe, because you have surrendered to the universe and now its universe’s duty to make you successful, right?

That’s not the right way.

You should have control over your life. In fact you should control everything in your life. 


The key here is, whatever you do, detach yourself from the outcome.

You do everything you have to do about a problem, may be its some random work, may be its your personal development, controlling your emotions, learning to manage finance better. It could be anything which helps you to grow in your desired field. Do all those things in your life only. Don’t try to control other people. You can educate them, but never control.

But whatever you do, detach yourself from the outcome. The outcome of your work could be anything which best suits your life. Don’t try to control the outcome. Universe knows what best for you and will be provided. For that, you need to surrender to the universe.

Surrendering to the universe: what it can do ?

How to surrender to the universe

Surrendering to the universe has two major effects. First one happens when you stop controlling every outcome. When you do it, all the problems related to controlling will stop appearing. That itself can put a stop on the rat race you have been running for all these years.

Once you achieved this, now you are not running a race you cannot win. That itself put you in a winners shoe. Now you are ready to lead in your life. With less stress and more happy moments, you are set yourself for all the good things that can happen to your life. You don’t have any more resistance towards what you actually deserve

Once you started detaching yourself from the outcome, whatever is best for you is now ready to be yours. The possibility is now not limited to your finite mind, which simply means miracles are going to happen in your life and it will never stop surprising you.

What Should I choose: Control or surrender ?

How to surrender to the universe

Now you know there is no right answer for this question. If you choose one, It is not going to solve the real problem and you will be missing out the real essence of the universe.

The real answer is, you chose both. Control everything in your life which can solve the problem in your life and surrender to the universe to give you the best outcome you deserve.

How to surrender to the universe and let go of control

Everybody will be telling you that you need to surrender to the universe, but they don’t mention how to surrender to the universe and let go of the control of the outcome. So lets tackle that now.

The basic concept of surrendering to the universe

The basics of surrendering to the universe is very simple. Just understand we humans are not everything. It is not us who makes the earth spin and the knowledge we have is so minute that it cannot even be compared with the universe.

We might think we are everything and we try to control everything around us. The truth this, we cant even see most of the things around us. Yet we try to control.

Once you know what you are in the big picture of the universe and once you can get rid of your ego, It is very easy to surrender to the universe. At that point it just happens.

After you digest this truth, From that point onwards make it a habit to

  • Not judge anyone
  • Always detach yourself from the outcome
  • Don’t try to control anything or anyone other than yourself
How to surrender to the universe

Whatever you do in your life, always pay attention you are not doing these things. Once you have reached this stage the below mentioned tips can help you to surrender to the universe faster, rediscover the real you and reboot your life and design it for happiness and success.

How to surrender to the flow of the universe

How to surrender to the universe

Like everything, universe also has a flow. Universe has a flow of giving you things, which is not based on what you ask for, but based on what you deserve.

How do we know what we deserve ?

Every human beings born on this earth deserves everything they wish for. It’s only a question of when.

Whatever universe grants you today is based on how energetic you are today. How much positive you are today. What your vibrational levels are. How much you control your outcome, what are your fears and limiting beliefs and what are the resistance you have which works against your wish.

So based on all these criteria universe is providing you what you deserve at this moment. If you improve your emotions and vibration towards a wish and remove the fear and limiting beliefs you have on that wish, Universe will flow with it and start providing you what you deserve at that moment.

The problem happens when you start to attract a wish from the universe which you are not ready for. Every level of manifestation needs more and more alignment of yourself with the wish you have. The more you are aligned, the more universe provide.

So it is important to know your energy and manifestation level and surrender to the flow of the universe.

The more you recognise this flow of the universe and surrender to it, easier it will become for you to surrender to the universe and have what you want in your life.

Stop chasing things

How to surrender to the universe

Chasing things in your life is the hardcore of controlling the outcome. It is confusing at first. We believe when we chase things we achieve them. But its the opposite. When we stop chasing things, things will start appearing in your life.

Make yourself worthy of it and stop chasing it, it will miraculously get attracted to you and some way it will be yours. Isn’t that more fun?

Know what you have and what you are aligned with and focus on that

What you have right now is the proof you are aligned to that. Now you know you can attract more of what you have, because you are already aligned to it. So by just detaching yourself from the outcome and focusing on what you have can easily attract more of what you have and anything which require same or similar energy.

That itself can transform your life in exciting ways. You now have a working proof of you attracting your reality. This can leads you to positive energy flow and more and more trusting the universe and surrendering to it. This in turn leads to more and more complex manifestations. That’s how you grow, exponentially and excitingly.

Remove the resistance

Resistance itself is self explanatory. You might be having some resistance towards your wish or surrendering to the universe. Finding them and removing them is the one of the best thing you can do to skyrocket your experience.

Look at the fear you have which is concerned with the problem you are having. Try to remove them. Look at all the limiting belief you have. Do you have any painful experience in the past which blocks your energy ?

Are yoo confident enough in this life path? Do you have self doubt?

If you have any of those, address them and get rid of them.

Increase your Self awareness

Self awareness is the root of spirituality. You should know your beliefs, fear and most importantly, How you react to each situations in your life. It has lot of information about your belief system and how aligned you are with the universe.

Not a plan of action, It’s a way of life

The important mistake people make is ,they consider it as the only way for them to save from their troubles. For example, If you are desperate to come out of your financial mess and you give surrendering to the universe as your main plan, you are flowing lot of unwanted energies to it.

Instead of it, remove the urgency, even if it’s urgent and try to enjoy the art. You will get better result this way.

Connect with the universe and your unseen friends

You know you are not alone in this journey. You have lot of unseen friends who are willing to help you to achieve your desire. All you have to do is ask for help. Meditate and connect with your higher self or guardian angel and talk to them and ask them to help you. They will surely do.

I hope you found what you are looking for. If you did, many other souls like you will be searching for this same information. Do a favour to them by sharing this article with them. I really do appreciate the help and they will too thank you for it.

Happy surrendering

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